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If there is no appointment for the day, walk-ins are welcome! Call the shop to check. 

(540) 418-4971

Wednesday: 1-7PM

Thursday: 1-7PM 

Friday: 1-7PM 


Q: How do I book an appointment? 


I require a tattoo consultation before booking my tattoos, please visit this link to schedule the consult. The deposit will need to be completed after the consultation to book the date.

Q: How much will my tattoo cost?

A: I work with clients in consideration of their budget. The consultation will go more in depth with what is possible for the piece in relation to budget. My clients always leave with a good tattoo and a good price.


A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required for an appointment. This payment secures a date and acts as insurance in the case of a no-show. The deposit can be transferred to a new date, but cannot be transferred to other people. It is the clients responsibility to communicate rescheduling dates as needed. Deposits will expire after 3 months.  

If you cannot do a deposit for a tattoo, feel welcome to come in for a walk-in!

Q: Touchups?

A: Free touchups for every piece that I do! Book that here.  

Q: What areas of the body can you tattoo?

A: At this current time, I cannot tattoo genitals, necks, inner lip, or soles of the feet. Everywhere else depends on the design! We can discuss this further during the consultation. 

Q: How long have you been tattooing?

A: I did my first tattoo in December 2022 

Q: What do I need to do for aftercare?

A: Check out Morph Body Arts aftercare instructions here. 

Q: What styles can you tattoo?

A: I can do fine line tattoos, American traditional, neo-traditional, blackwork, black and grey, color, and glitter. 

Q: How long will my tattoo take?

A: Tattoos have quite a few variables for time; including complexity of the design (like color, shading, line variations), as well as the clients ability to withstand the application of the tattoo. I can give a guess on a case by case basis, but do not come in for a tattoo with a tight schedule! 

Q: What can I do as a walk-in tattoo? 

A: Come in with an idea for a tattoo that is palm-sized or smaller or takes an hour or less. Walk-ins are best with small Pinterest ideas, or with flash from the shop. I have a Get What You Get machine and original flash designs.


I will not do black and gray realism or filler as a walk-in. I generally don't recommend doing a very custom piece as a walk-in. 

Q: What is a minimum?

A: The smallest tattoo possible will cost the minimum price, regardless of time or size. A minimum usually dictated by the tattoo parlor. For my shop, a tiny tattoo will be $80.


This price pays for initial setup materials and covers overhead costs. This minimum cannot be shared, as two different people require two different set-ups. 

Q: Will you design the tattoo before I book the appointment? 

A: No, you won't see the design until the day of the appointment.  

If there are more than 3 alterations to the design the day of, we may have to reschedule the appointment. We will then revisit the concepts we want to convey together to ensure a we get the dream piece. 

Q: I have dark skin, can I get color?

A: Absolutely! Color work looks just as good on dark skin - the natural color of the skin will filter the colors. 

Q: What about the placement? 

A: If one seeks a visible tattoo such as face or hand tattoos, I will always brief each client on the potential risks for criminal profiling, job security issues, and any potential healing issues. 

If the client is aware of these risks, I will tattoo these areas. Many artists will wait until other areas of the body (like the arms) are full before fulfilling these wishes, but my policy is based around consent and understanding regardless of former placements of tattoos. 

Q: Can we numb the tattoo before we begin? 

A: It is the clients responsibility to numb the tattoo before the application. Please be aware that even so, the tattoo is unlikely to be numb for the entire session.


Morph Body Arts

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